About MLLC

Who are we?

We are a learning cooperative made up of parents, grandparents, educators, and community members who care about learning opportunities for youth in our community.  We started as a small playgroup that evolved into a parent-led toddler program and eventually became the Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative (MLLC), a non-profit educational organization.

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Our values

MLLC is committed to:

  • Preparing children for a lifetime of civic engagement and close connection to their community.

  • Fostering a supportive community that emphasizes respect for one another and values diversity.

  • Supporting the idea that powerful learning experiences are not limited to the classroom.


Joyful, life-long scholars. Engaged, compassionate citizens.

The MLLC mission


Our mission

The Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative aims to inspire children to become joyful, life-long scholars and engaged, compassionate citizens in their community.

How do we carry out this mission?

  • Creating learning environments where learning is meaningful.

  • Building a caring community that supports a holistic learning approach for local youth.

  • Collaborating with individuals and organizations to develop additional learning opportunities and service projects for youth in our community.

  • Sharing and communicating information about learning opportunities and educational resources within our community.