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Round-up at Timberline Stables.

posted Jul 1, 2011, 1:19 PM by Mountain Laurel
Another great field trip was had this Friday!  We met at Timberline Stables for a hands on lesson in keeping and caring for horses.  Much appreciation goes out to Timberline Stables, Angie & Matt, and especially to Keith for a great experience.
Our instructors Zeke (a beautiful Arabian horse with a very patient disposition) and Keith (a kind man with a very patient disposition) taught us the different body parts of a horse. 
We found out about saddles and bits and how to clean the horse's feet.  We got to check out the stables and the tack room, where we all got a horseshoe to take home with us!
Who wants to go for a horseback ride??
This isn't Avah or Allison's first horseback ride.
Sir Arden and Nate ride off into the Valley.
Mountain Laurel was very excited to welcome it's newest member Asa Gaujot (I promise there is a baby in there somewhere!)  Congratulations Jocelyn, Ryan, and big brother Arden!